Chemostat Model with Periodic Nutrient Input Described by Fourier Series

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Jane Ireri
Ganesh Pokhariyal
Stephene Moindi


In this paper we present a periodic Chemostat model of two species competing for a single nutrient available in limiting supply. The nutrient input is varied periodically using a Fourier series function to take into account the changing patterns as seasons vary. We show both analytically and numerically that varying the nutrient input using a Fourier Series function results in a better model to describe coexistence of species in natural environments.

Coexistence, competition, Competitive exclusion, periodic chemostat, fourier series, stability.

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Ireri, J., Pokhariyal, G., & Moindi, S. (2020). Chemostat Model with Periodic Nutrient Input Described by Fourier Series. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics, 16(8), 16-27.
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